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BEST OF 2018- PART 4: Top 20 Music Videos of January – June

With four days to go before June 2018 is over and then we’re heading into the second half of the year; I sit back and reflect- gee, this year has gone by real fast. And yes, I mean really fast. And I know I probably say this every year, but I truly believe that this year has the most music, music videos and albums that have resonated with us as a site…but then again, if we were to revisit years gone past, we may have to revise our lists. Nevertheless, as each year progresses, I am able to appreciate more and more music, and admire and take note of very exquisite videos in the process. So without further ado, here below are 20 music videos that have stood out for us during the first half of the year. What are yours? Let us know in the comments. Til next time!

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Another year, another post about “Top 10 CCM Songs Of The Summer”- and this time, instead of the last two instalments here and here, which we posted in July 2017 and July 2016 respectively, I’m going to ‘gaze into my crystal ball’ and have an educated guess about which songs that I reckon will be BIG over the next few months (both on CCM radio and inspirational in listeners’ lives!), and voice my opinions now- which songs do I reckon will explode and which songs do I reckon will have massive airplay on radio during the upcoming 3 months? Also, which songs do I reckon will worm their way into our hearts, and change our lives from the inside out?

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Top Tens: Top 20 Inspirational Videos I Have Ever Seen!

The other day, I was writing my most recent blog of Flashback Fridays (about identity, self-worth and insecurities, linking it to MercyMe’s album Almost There), and while I was writing, I figured out that apart from one of the earlier Message Mondays posts last year about how God can use ‘mainstream music’ just as much as ‘Christian music’; I was in the midst of writing one of the most relevant, vulnerable, honest and inspirational blogs I had ever written. Yeah, I know that it’s a pretty big claim, but that’s what I was feeling and sensing from God at the time. That no matter how much time goes on, I will be always able to go back to this 10th blog in Flashback Fridays, and be inspired, no matter how I feel. Now to test that theory, I re-read this blog maybe about 5 times over in the span of the past few days, and I was still overwhelmed by the amount of rich truth I had revealed, that is so applicable now, and maybe will be so applicable later on in the future. More so than any other blog I have ever written, I was blown away by what I had written- it had to be God using me as a vessel, and His words through my fingers on the keyboard. I will ask the opinions of others close to me in the near future, about whether this was the most inspirational blog I have ever written, but I digress.

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If you can remember back about 6 months or so, I had the pleasure of unveiling my favourite 25 albums of January – June of 2017. And while I myself still haven’t reviewed everything that I wanted to in the year of 2017, I have since come to the conclusion, that 2017 was and is one of my favourite years in terms of music. And thus here we are in January 2018, as I am unveiling my favourite 30 albums of the back half of 2017. I have incorporated quotes/descriptions of my favourite 15 albums of July-December and the remaining 15 without quotes (because frankly, it could take too long for a reader to check out, and thus, the post could seem daunting and overwhelming to read), totaling 30 albums in the back half of the year that have stood out for me personally. And so without further ado, here below are my favourite albums of 2017 (second half). I will also do a post showing my favourite albums of 2017, period (thereby incorporating my favourite albums of the first half and second half of 2017 in one post. What are your favourite albums of 2017. Read on to check out mine!

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TOP 10 ___: (Christmas Albums We Haven’t Reviewed)

On every top 10 post we have released on 365 Days of Inspiring Media (since I can remember), we have presented to you all a collection of 10 items (be it songs, artists, albums, etc.) that are to be celebrated for that particular week in question. On this particular Top Ten’s post however, as 2018 officially begins, I will delve into 10 Christmas albums from 2017 that we never reviewed, yet really wanted to, but didn’t because of time and work constraints. While we reviewed Christmas albums/EPs from Marc Martel, Planetshakers, Mallary Hope, For King and Country, TobyMac, Hannah Kerr, Point of Grace and Casting Crowns, and compilation albums WOW Christmas 2017 and the soundtrack of The Star, not to mention singles from Lucy Hale and David Dunn; there were several other reviews of Christmas albums that never eventuated, due to simply because both Josh and I became busy with work. Which albums did we want to review, has we had ample time? Check out these 10 albums below (complete with a projected rating and our favourite song from the album/EP)! Which album were you sad that we didn’t review?

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