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Hi everyone, first of all, how has your 2020 been so far? We’re about 3 months into the year… and I have a confession. We’ve been slack in finishing up our posts for ‘best of 2019’. We’re 3 months late, and there are a few more posts to get through. So… I guess there’s no time like the present! So yes, we are not posting a review, nor a Momentous Mondays post nor a Fantabulous Fridays post. Instead it’s time for us to unveil 20 music videos from July til December 2019, which have resonated with us as a site and inspired us on this crazy road called life. So without further ado, here they are. What are yours? Let us know in the comments. Til next time!

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Group 1 Crew has always been one of my favourite artists- though it was only when the band released their 2010 album Outta Space Love that I truly became a fan. With their music always comprising of several genres (pop, CCM, rap, hip-hop, and a combination of all of the above!), songs like “Please Don’t Let Me Go”, “Live It Up”, “Walking On The Stars”, “Need Your Love”, “Beautiful”, “Lean On Me”, “He Said” all from the trio’s third album; have reminded me of their near flawless prowess as songwriters, performers and entertainers.



We’re coming to the end of June, and it’s officially end of financial year tax time. So before we post any mid-year themed reflective blogs or reviews, it’s time for another installment of the ‘Best of’ series. Last time we delved into our top music videos of the first half of the year, and this time, we are going to reveal to you all which songs throughout the 3 months of 2018 (April – June) have impacted us greatly, made us jump up for joy in praise to Jesus, have tugged at our heart, and have encouraged us to tap our toes and just dance! So without further ado, here are 20 songs that are our most favourite of April-June 2018.

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BEST OF 2017- PART 8: TOP 15 EPs (July – December)

 So here we are, in December. You know what the time is now? Yes, seriously, another post about my favourite EPs that have been within the months of July – December 2017. I can remember back in July when I compiled my favourite EPs from January – June, and now, I have 15 more EPs that have spoken into my life since then. So, I guess when I look at the year as a whole, I can safely say that 2017 is the year of the EP. I’m sure if you take a look at my favourite 30 (15 for the first half and 15 for the latter half) EPs this year, I’m sure you can tend to agree. Anyway, enough preamble. Here’s my top 15 EPs of the last half of the year, that have made a great impact on myself both spiritually as well as enjoyableness.

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BEST OF 2016- Part 1: Top 20 Music Videos

It’s that time of the year again…or thereabouts! Where we compile all of our best of lists, and announce our favourite songs, music videos, albums, and EP’s of the year, as well as TV shows and movies; not to mention looking forward to everything happening in the next year. But while there are still 4 and a half months to go, my first best of 2016 list (of my favourite 20 music videos!) is such that I reckon no other music video that would release throughout the rest of 2016 could enter into this list! So here are my favourite 20 music videos of the year thus far!

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