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Throwback Tuesdays (1980s Movies)



star wars

In posts gone past, we have delved into a song or artist from the past, expounding upon a song’s meaning or delved into the artist and provided reason for why this artist has stood the test of time- because frankly, considering that this is first and foremost a site about music, most of the post relate to it, right? Yet this throwback post is different on many levels. In honour of the reboot/sequel Terminator: Genysis that released early July and the Star Wars 7 sequel Star Wars: The Force Awakens that releases later in December 2015, we have decided to discuss a topic that’s certain create discussion amongst all or most of us- 80s movies.

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Sunday News Roundup (20th-26th October 2014)

news october

Here’s the next instalment of “Sunday News Roundup”, this time from the 20th til the 26th October. Enjoy reading the scoop on the latest news!

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