TV Thursdays: Do We Know Our Neighbours Inside And Out? (Eureka)


I know, I know, with a title like that, you probably might expect me to talk about stranger danger and mention that we never truly know someone until they do something horrific, and show their true colours. How I might say that our neighbours or close friends could be living double lives and we won’t know until much later. But that’s the opposite of what I am going to delve into today. Instead, let me ask you a question. When was the last time you had a conversation with your neighbour, and learn more about their story and life’s journey? When was the last time you said hello, had a cup of coffee with them and talked about a common topic? It may surprise you that not everyone has a secret agenda, and some people are genuinely nice because they are.

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The Lottery (Pilot)

the lottery


Premiere Date: July 20th 2014

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

The Lottery (Pilot)

Starring: Marley Shelton, Michael Graziadei, David Alpay, Anthena Karkanis, Yul Vazquez, Shelly Conn, Martin Donovan

Imagine a world without children. A world where women, for some reason or another, cannot be pregnant. A world where hospitals, schools, little league teams, and just the presence of young people; are all a thing of the past. Where the hope for any future rests on a few scientists trying to find a cure for an ailment that really didn’t have a certain cause. I’ll give you a moment to think… can’t imagine a future with children not in it, can you? Neither can I. A world like that shouldn’t happen, and the more I think about it, the thought of no children in the future could plausibly occur (especially with China’s ‘One Child Policy’).

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Sunday News Roundup (14th-20th July 2014)

News 3D

Here’s the next installment of “Sunday News Roundups”, this time from the 14th to the 20th of July. Enjoy reading the scoop on the latest news!

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