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Sentimental Saturdays (Hook)


This week has been very momentous in the realms of media. In fact, if you were to pick out one news that trumps all the rest, it’ll be this- the passing of Robin Williams, one of Hollywood’s funniest, down-to-earth, heartfelt, comic, versatile and hardworking actors. With our site devoting both Message Mondays and TV Thursdays to all things Robin in honour of his memory, I’ve decided to make this new Sentimental Saturdays post about Robin Williams- or rather, one of his films, namely the 1991 movie Hook.

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Legends (Pilot)



Premiere Date: August 13th 2014

Reviewed by: Jonathan Andre

Legends (Pilot)

Starring: Sean Bean, Ali Larter, Morris Chestnut, Tina Majorino, Steve Harris, Mason Cook, Amber Valletta, Rob Mayes

MTV debuted a clever TV show back in July, titled Finding Carter, which spoke about identity, where the titular main character found out that the mum she grew up with was in fact her kidnapper and that she had a whole new family that was waiting for her. The rest of the show explores identity, and how Carter tries to find out who she is in light of this revelation. TNT releases another new show this week about a similar theme. Though not about kidnapping, identity is nevertheless equally discussed in Legends, a covert-ops spy drama starring Sean Bean, of Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones fame. One of the most smartly produced summer series I’ve seen on TNT since Perception a few years ago, Legends, rather than being a story about fairytales, fables and legends as the title of the show suggests, instead gives us a story uniquely similar to the new MTV drama. Centring on Martin Odum (Sean Bean) and his quest to find out who he is amidst revelations of the contrary, we see a story unravel full of twists and turns, and a glimpse inside the FBI Deep Covers Operative Division (a fictional division, the FBI doesn’t have this section in real life).

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Sentimental Saturdays (WOW Hits 2015 Vs WOW Hits 2005)

wow hits 2015  wow hits 2005

In honour of the new WOW Hits compilation releasing in September, I have decided to make this sentimental Saturdays post about a comparison of WOW Hits, namely, the upcoming WOW Hits 2015, and its counterpart 10 years ago, WOW Hits 2005. While I have discussed the logistics of a WOW Hits list a few Sentimental Saturdays posts back, here I discuss about the slow phasing out of certain artists and the inclusion of a few more when comparing both lists, and the fact that some of these artists that were on previous WOW compilations are just as prominent, relevant, encouraging and motivating now as they were back when they were ‘popular’.

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Lindsay McCaul

lindsay mccaul

Lindsay McCaul, recently signed to Centricity Music, releases her second label album in ‘One More Step‘, releasing August 19th. I recently had the privilege in undertaking an email interview with Lindsay, as we discussed the upcoming album, what she hopes listeners will experience when hearing the tracks, as well as any hopes she has of the upcoming year ahead. Check out the interview below.

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Futuristic Fridays (Who are You if You are Not the Only You there is in the World You Live In?)

orphan black- cloning

the sixth day- cloning

multiplicity- cloning

So many times in this Futuristic Fridays series I discussed about the future in relation to how it could be if something in this time that we take for granted was taken away from us. From a future without Spotify, Netflix, or even a future without the social relationships needed to function because of increased gaming, or the future of worship and albums with the rise in digital songs, consumerism, the dying out of CD’s and the ease of the consumer to have whatever they want with easy access; this week we tackle something different- how would our futures be if nothing was taken away, but if something was added.

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