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Hello everyone, my name is Joshua Andre and I live in Sydney, Australia. I'm a feature news reporter, article writer, reviewer and interviewer for Inspired Entertainment, covering worship/pop music. My favourite Christian artists are Newsboys, Natalie Grant, Third Day, Switchfoot, Kari Jobe, Building 429, Sanctus Real, Britt Nicole and Matthew West. My hobbies include watching cricket, spending time with friends, cooking, and reading. My favourite TV shows include One Tree Hill, Monk, Psych, Parenthood, Castle, Life On Mars, Once Upon a Time, Suits, The Newsroom and Person Of Interest. I am also a member of the sound production team at my local church, GracePoint Christian Church. I used to review for Christian Music Zine, and I am also a volunteer at Mission Australia, helping out with their policies, procedures in the internal audit department

FLASHBACK FRIDAYS: WEEK 46 (90’s albums!)- Are newer albums actually better than classic releases from yesteryear?

Over the past 6 months, you may have noticed a new series on our site- for those of you who are avid followers and are paying attention. You see, my brother Jon has been embarking on an ambitious project for our site. He’s writing about 100 influential artists (and then 20 more on top of that who are in a class of their own!) and delving deep into their discography, analysing why these artists are influential and have shaped (or are shaping) music as a vast sonic landscape over time and across their own genre. It’s a big mouthful to even comprehend- and Jon’s writing about 1 artist per week; so while I might leave you to peruse Jon’s new blog series here (with the intro post and ‘contents’ page here!), let me just say that as I have embarked on this expansive music journey with my brother (via osmosis!), listening to music that he has, and being inspired and challenged by music that I’d probably never listen to in a million years; I’ve kind of noticed a trend. And that trend is just my opinion, and what I have observed and concluded to be the case- but it’s in no way indicative of what you may perceive or believe. So are you waiting to hear my deep, profound revelation, that many of you might know already? Here goes! It’s that… I believe that music from the 90’s and early 2000’s (but especially 90’s!) had so much heart, soul and passion in them, seemingly more-so than music today!

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