BEST OF 2017- Final Part: Favourite EP’s, Songs and Albums of 2017

Yes, I know, I know. I’ve written all of these ‘best of’ lists before. But here me out. All of the past best of lists for 2017 (if you are to check them all here) were all done in parts (e.g.: best songs of the year were split into 4 parts, one for each quarter etc.). So this post, which will be the final ‘best of’ post relating to 2017, will compile all posts before, and will state our favourite albums, EPs and songs of 2017, this time encapsulating all the songs, EPs and albums that 2017 had to offer. There’ll be some honorable mentions that couldn’t fit into those lists,  and so without further ado, below are 365 Days of Inspiring Media’s favourite 15 EPs, 30 songs and 25 albums of 2017! What are yours? Let us know in the comments.

Top 25 Albums of 2017 (For the Whole Year):

  1. All In (Matthew West)
  2. Out of the Dark (Mandisa)
  3. Lifer (MercyMe)
  4. Where His Light Was (Kristene DiMarco)
  5. Every Mile Mattered (Nichole Nordeman)
  6. Benediction (The City Harmonic)
  7. Wonder (UNITED)
  8. Alive (Cimorelli)
  9. Echoes (Matt Maher)
  10. Sad Girls Club (Cimorelli)
  11. Revival (Third Day)
  12. The Darker the Night / The Brighter the Morning (Cody Carnes)
  13. Boundless (Kerrie Roberts)
  14. Worthy of Your Name (Passion)
  15. Come Back Fighting (Philippa Hanna)
  16. Letterbox (Marie Miller)
  17. Everything or Nothing (Carrollton)
  18. Hills and Valleys (Tauren Wells)
  19. Identity (Colton Dixon)
  20. Vertical Worship (Vertical Worship)
  21. Wildfires (Stephen Christian)
  22. Unbreakable (Selah)
  23. Starlight (Bethel Music)
  24. Farewell Fear (Finding Favour)
  25. Faith Hope Love Repeat (Brandon Heath)

Ten Honourable Mentions:

  • Unstoppable (Matty Mullins)
  • On My Side (Kim Walker Smith)
  • Matt Hammitt (Matt Hammitt)
  • Red Sea Road (Ellie Holcomb)
  • Chain Breaker (Zach Williams)
  • My Life on the Internet (Alex G.)
  • One Way Conversations (Hollyn)
  • Yellow Balloons (David Dunn)
  • The Answer (Jeremy Camp)
  • My Utmost For His Highest

Top 15 EPs of 2017 (For the Whole Year):

  1. Alexis Slifer- Famous For EP
  2. Adam Agee- Paper Planes
  3. The New Respects- Here Comes Trouble
  4. Alive City- Say
  5. Lexi Elisha- Love is Alive
  6. Carmen Justice- Against The Odds EP
  7. Jason Gray- The Acoustic Sessions
  8. Brooke & Boggs- Wildfire
  9. Verses- Chapter 1 EP
  10. Plumb- God Help Me EP
  11. Mallary Hope- Mallary Hope EP
  12. Various Artists [Jordan Feliz, Grayson Reed, Carrollton]- Re-Covered EP
  13. Jimi Cravity- Heaven EP
  14. Needtobreathe- Hard Cuts: Songs from the Hard Love Sessions
  15. The Supanova Project- Paradise

5 Honourable Mentions:

  • Citylovemusic EP (Citylovemusic)
  • Walk EP (Grayson Reed)
  • John Tibbs- Heartland
  • Holly Starr- Human
  • Leanna Crawford- Crazy Beautiful You

Top 30 Songs of 2017 (For the Whole Year):

  1. “I’ll Find You” – Lecrae feat. Tori Kelly
  2. “Never Let Me Fall” – Cimorelli
  3. “Pretty Pink” – Cimorelli
  4. “Even If” – MercyMe
  5. “Honestly” – The City Harmonic
  6. “Broken Prayers” – Riley Clemmons
  7. “Death Was Arrested” – North Point InsideOut
  8. “Good Life” – the young escape
  9. “He Still Does” – Hawk Nelson
  10. “Crown Him” – I Am They
  11. “Famous For” – Alexis Slifer
  12. “Who Told You” – Cimorelli
  13. “Nowhere” – Sarah Reeves
  14. “The Gospel” – Ryan Stevenson
  15. “A Billion Stars” – one sonic society
  16. “Love Always Wins” – Michael W. Smith
  17. “Can’t Live Without” – Hollyn
  18. “Off the Wagon” – Philippa Hanna
  19. “Not Today” – UNITED
  20. “Changed” – Sanctus Real
  21. “Kerosene” – MDSN
  22. “Broken Things” – Matthew West
  23. “Let There Be Light” – Third Day
  24. “Walking on Water” – needtobreathe
  25. “Love Won’t Let Me Down” – Y&F
  26. “My Hope Secure” – Erik Nieder
  27. “Closer” – GAWVI
  28. “Run the Race” – Holly Starr
  29. “Red and Yellow, Black and White” – Carmen Justice
  30. “The Cross Has the Final Word” – Cody Carnes

Ten Honourable Mentions:

  • “Unstoppable” – Matty Mullins feat. Jordan Feliz
  • “Dimensions” – We Are Leo
  • “All That Matters” – Colton Dixon
  • “Glimpse” – Kim Walker-Smith
  • “Tears” – Matt Hammitt
  • “Whole Heart” – Brandon Heath
  • “It is Well” – Finding Favour
  • “Every Mile Mattered” – Nichole Nordeman
  • “God Help Me” – Plumb
  • “Rescuer” – Rend Collective

There you have it- our favourite songs, albums and EPs of 2017. Let us know which songs, albums or EPs impacted you last year. Til next time!

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